Testimony using User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

We have conducted various studies to obtain consumer feedback on this BIMO book product. Several studies on User Acceptance Testing (UAT) have been conducted to obtain feedback on this product.


The latest is, we are working with Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) to implement UAT and thank God, the feedback received is very good.


Here we show the results that have been made from students in the field of Special Education at UPSI.


Respondent category: Special Education students, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI)

Number of respondents: 11 people

Time: April 2021

Place: Google Form










































































Apart from the student feedback from UPSI, we also did UAT on the participants of the program Kursus Asas Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (KABIM) and we recorded testimonials from them (their testimonials in Bahasa Melayu but we translated to English).

"The BIMO book is user -friendly for all ages, the input is simple and clear, the creativity of the illustration design and color selection attracts the readers' interest", Dhereza binti Abdul Hamid, 42, Self Employer

"Creating BIMO Fans Clubs and BIMO animated stories", Shahizam Iskandar Shah bin Mohamad, 45, Civil Servant

"In my opinion, the production of sign language books for children with disabilities is very interesting and facilitates learning sessions, it is very suitable nowadays", Madihah bt Mokhtar, 28, Illustrator


"Congratulations, my sign language proficiency is getting better and communication technology plays an important role over time. It's easy for me to practice sign language and very helpful. Can be shared with friends and family members. Well done", Noorazlina bt Salamat, 42, Assistant Register

"I really like using the BIMO book because its cute book is interesting for practicing sign language and using technology applications. 4D where the visuals/images for a movement are clearer", Rusnani Bt Yaakub, 42, Private Sector

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