Terms and conditions of Volunteer terms and conditions




1) Read all terms and conditions before filling out this form. All information is mandatory. By clicking the Submit button, you agree to all of these terms.


2) There is no charge for this volunteer work. It is all about the intention to help. All photos / videos uploaded will be the property of Ozel Sdn Bhd for translation, advertising and promotional purposes.


3) Each volunteer can fill out a form and upload your own photo / video. The photo / video must be your own and not taken from a third party without permission.


4) We will not be responsible for the offense of uploading pictures / videos that are not allowed.


5) Uploaded photos must be at least 640x480 px in size. For video, it must be at least 640x480 px in size with a duration between 60 seconds to 120 seconds only.


6) Thank you for helping the Deaf OKU community to travel. Let's make our country friendly to Deaf disabled tourists.


Thanks for submitting!